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Method of Physical Actions

During the later period of his life Constantin Stanislavski replaced his earlier techniques with his ‘Method of Physical Actions’ and moved away from his older ideas of ‘Emotional Memory’ and long readings and analysis of the text. See also: THE STANISLAVSKI, SYSTEM GROWTH AND METHODOLOGY”

Michael Chekhov’s THE MASTER CLASSES (5 hours of audio)

Here you find the complete 1955 recordings:

Training at Grotowski’s “Laboratorium” in Wrozlaw (1972)

Martin Barter on the Meisner Technique:

Acting-Coach John Windsor-Cunningham on learning lines

Acting-Coach John Windsor-Cunningham on listening

Acting-Coach Judith Weston about acting

Judith Weston about Subtext

Judith Weston about the Emotional Event

Keith Johnstone interview on YouTube

Fear and Risk
Spontaneity & Originality
Mask, Trance and The Voice in The Head
Comedy is Serious
Impro and The Teacher


Sanford Meisner – Theater’s Best Kept Secret

Mark Travis for Film Courage

How To Direct A Great Scene

What A Director Should Say To An Actor After Saying Cut

How A Talented Actor Can Be A Problem For A Director

David Cronenberg about working with actors

Definitions of spontaneity

behavior, impulse, or movement

1. the state or quality of being spontaneous
2. (Psychology) (often plural) the exhibiting of actions, impulses, or behaviour that are stimulated by internal processes

Freedom from constraint, formality, embarrassment, or awkwardness: casualness, ease, easiness, informality, naturalness, poise, unceremoniousness, unrestraint.

See restraint/unrestraint, tighten/loosen.

off the cuff Extempore, on the spur of the moment, spontaneously, impromptu; offhandedly, informally, unofficially. The allusion is to speakers whose only preparation is notes jotted on their shirt cuffs

off the top of one’s head Offhandedly, unofficially, informally, without notes or preparation, extemporaneously. In this expression, the top of the head represents the superficial nature of the information being given.

on the spur of the moment Impulsively, impetuously; spontaneously, extemporaneously; suddenly, without deliberation. In this expression, spur implies speed, alluding to the sharp, U-shaped device strapped to the heel of a boot and used by a rider to prod a horse.

wing it To undertake anything without adequate preparation, usually with connotations of bluffing one’s way through. The term originated in the theater, with reference to actors who would go on stage without knowing their lines, relying on the prompters in the wings to get them through.

Jonathan Pryce on Selfishness

Stella Adler on Stanislavski

Hitchcock: “Actors are cattle”

John Windsor-Cunningham on auditions

What to avoid during your audition

BBC Acting Masterclass with Michael Caine

One minute advice by Robert de Niro

More video’s (over 20 minutes in length)

Michael Chekhov Technique explained by Graham Dixon (a series of short video’s)
See overview of Graham Dixon video’s on the Chekhov Technique

Karmenlara Ely on Acting as Artistic Research

50-Minute Documentary on LEE STRASBERG: “The Method Man” (with Dutch subtitles)

Acting coach Larry Ross 

56 minute documentary on Sandford Meisner

Meyerhold’s Biomechanics (image starts after 3 minutes)

Reading list: Understanding Acting

True and False – David Mamet
The Empty Space – Peter Brook
The Theatre of Death – Tadeusz Kantor
Acting One / Acting Two – Robert Cohen
Acting Power – Cohen Robert & Robert Cohen
Andrei Droznin’s Physical Actor Training
The Body Speaks – Lorna Marshall
Sanford Meisner on Acting – Meisner, Sanford
Meyerhold – Edward Braun
Games for Actors and Non-actors – Boal, Augusto
Lee Strasberg Notes – Cohen, Lola
Impro – Johnstone, Keith
Theater Games for the Lone Actor – Spolin, Viola
Stella Adler – Adler, Stella / Kissel, Howard
Laban for Actors and Dancers – Newlove, Jean
So Therefore: A Practical Guide For Actors – Al Ruscio