“You where very generous in your way of sharing with us and taking care of us. Everything was very well prepared and you created a very good working atmosphere. I had a lot of pleasure and I have good memories of this workshop.”
- Matthieu (France)

“The workshop created an environment in which it was not only ok to use your body as a body but in which it was also expected. You made us move around and feel the space with freedom to experiment. After that experience, I knew I could trust myself and my body to try new things. You gave us plenty of time and there was enough space to try any move we wanted, no restrictions. All the time I knew that there was no way to fail.”
- Maria (Bulgaria)

“The things you thought was a really new territory for me. I enjoyed all my discoveries and I realized my difficulties. The morning warm-ups were excellent: I love this sweet way to warm up. The exercises on trust and personal communication were very welcome. I thank you warmly for your efforts.”
- David (France)

“It was really nice. I am now open to explore more. I never was very physical but I discovered with pleasure that I can do the things you showed us, thank you very much.”
- An-Mari (Bulgaria)

“I really enjoyed the classes. I found them very liberating.”
- Hristina (Bulgaria)



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