Our workshops promote a physical approach towards both film acting and directing.

All our workshops provide an acting laboratory with a focus on physicality, cooperation and practice. Participants will work together and improve several skills that support acting and directing for film. They will work on: instructing the actor, body awareness, internalizing the lines of a dialogue, ‘doing’ instead of ‘showing’, building layers of meaning, adjusting to time schedule of film set, working with the limitations of movement for the camera.

We offer 5 programs:
1) “Body Before Emotion” try-out class, 5 hours / 1 day (promotional class)
2) “Shortcuts to Spontaneity” lecture, 2 hours
3) “Body Before Emotion” full workshop, 50 hours in 10 days
4) “All Set & On Camera” camera acting workshop, 15 hours in 3 days
5) “Body Before Emotion” workshop in 3 modules, 3 x 25 hours / 3 x 5 days

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The first hours of each day the student will work towards solving simple and complex difficulties of movement. The exercises will enrich the students physical repertoire. The class awakens the creative skills of the students through improvisation and concepts such as ‘body awareness’, ‘trust’ and ‘alert state’. All students can come up with their own ideas of movement and are invited to experiment.

Screen shot 2013-10-27 at 3.07.12 PMDuring the second part of the day we work with spoken text while maintaining the physical routine that we established in the morning. We introduce several physical games that clarify essential elements of acting. Subsequently we work with dialogues in an intuitive way. Dialogue exercises will be repeated throughout the next days to internalise the lines. Concepts that are touched are: listening, outward focus, subtext and being ‘in the moment’. During the last sessions we will work on mis-en-scene. We unfold strategies to add layers of meaning to a scene. All students will get a chance to experience the issues involved with both directing and acting in a film set situation.

Tutor morning program: Sara Alba (dance and movement teacher, Colombia)
Tutor afternoon program: Fedor Sendak (filmmaker, The Netherlands)

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during the last day we will record previously rehearsed scenes on video

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