283205_10150405442909251_7330361_nThe Body Before Emotion workshop promotes a physical approach to both film acting and directing. The workshop brings filmmaking students and acting students together. By using the body as a starting point our classes build the students confidence, awaken their creativity and move them away from a blocking kind of selfawareness.

Emotions can not be staged, while the body can be. Body Before Emotion uses a physical strategy as a for both acting and directing. We teach a variety of strategies that promote simple physical actions and exercises, thourough scene preparation and games. Our classes prepare the actor and director to stay cooperative and work together creatively. Students can learn to stay deal with situations on a film set, switch fast from one imaginary situation to another and deal with common mis-en-scene limitations. But above all, the workshop provides a fun and open environment for our students; a world of experiments, where no mistake exists.

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